About Us

A family run business established by David and Rachel Edwards in 1995, selling grass seeds and direct drilling. 

Following on to get the best benefits from direct drilling, we were introduced to the Glenside Group who majored in soil advice and natural fertilisers, who we have been working with till the present day. 

Our son Mike joined the business in 2002 taking over the contract work, which consisted of spreading and spraying of the products we supplied. 

Grassland aeration was a major part of our soil advice and we have hired and sold grassland aerators for other manufacturers.

In 2016 using our extensive knowledge we started to manufacture our own grassland aerators, which we believe are some of the best machines in the country.

in 2019 there was a takeover bid for the Glenside Group which meant the seaweed products we supplied would now be coming from Canada.

In 2020 with our experience of working with these products we decided to develop our own range using UK harvested seaweed. We did extensive grassland trials over 12 months using different seaweed blends, after which we developed and launched Edwards Advanced Seaweed, which had faster growth rates, thicker swards, and a better root system.

At present as well as David and Mike we now have a skilled team experienced in formulation development, design and marketing.

The key to the success of our business has always been soil testing, and always will be.