Agri Contracting

Edwards Agricultural Supplies can provide both machinery and skilled operatives for your agricultural needs. If you are not able to complete the task yourselves, we can arrange for a member of our team to complete it for you.

Services Available

  • Crop spraying grassland and arable crops, 2x24m machines available
    • Weeds
    • Fungicides
    • Insecticides
    • Liquid nitrogen
    • Liquid Seaweed blends
  • Fertiliser Spreading
    • Granular
    • Powder
  • Sub-soiling - mole ploughing
  • Sward Lifting
  • Aeration
  • Land maintenance - available as full service, consultation or maintenance plan only.
  • Direct Drilling of grassland, forage crops and cereals. Available with and without tram lines.

Edwards Agricultural Supplies are very pleased to announce that they have recently acquired a Direct Drill for the over-seeding of pastures. This machine is also suitable for use with other crops including: Rape, Stubble Turnips, cereal crops direct into stubble or after ploughing.