Agri Soil Test

Edwards Agricultural Supplies incorporating Soil Advisory deliver cost effective soil sampling, analysis, independent impartial advice with physical, biological and natural chemical recommendations to improve the health of your soil and enable you to maximise your productivity. With over 50 years experience of working with soils, Edwards Agricultural Supplies can provide you with a bespoke action plan to provide:

  • Optimum Soil Health
  • Optimum Yield
  • Optimum Profit

Your survey will incorporate an inspection and evaluation of your soil and its current physical condition, the taking of core samples for individual or composite analysis, analytical data and a full technical report. Your technical report will detail a breakdown of the major and minor constituents of your soil and our expert interpretation of the analytical data, with details of our impartial recommendations to correct any imbalance and improve your soil health.

We will design for you a bespoke soil improvement program to enable you to enhance the health of your soil for the future years, increasing the productivity potential of your soil and allow ‘locked in’ nutrients to be freed for the future health of your soil. Many of our clients experience a reduction in future costs when following their individually tailored soil improvement programs.

Do you know the nutritional value of the grass that your livestock is eating?

Recommendations incorporate mechanical intervention, natural soil treatments and biostimulants to improve your soil health.

We use natural sustainable products wherever possible and our recommendations are based on real results. We do not recommend products that we have not trialled on our own farm.

Established in 1995, Soil Advisory are committed to ensuring the interdependence between Soil-Plant-Animal is achieved to the highest standard. We work with a number of manufacturers of high-quality fertilisers that are able to deliver demonstrable results, passing these benefits to our customers. We also manufacture our own EASy product range. 

Edwards Agricultural Supplies are able to supply Fertilisers, biostimulants, provide agricultural machinery for hire or contract agricultural machinery and experienced operators. If required, we can supply Project Management for your land.

The cheapest fertiliser you can put on your land, is the one your field actually needs, without a recent soil test how do you know what to apply?

Did you know that under The Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations 2018, If you’re applying manure or fertiliser to cultivated agricultural land, you must also plan by using the results of soil tests, and that Soil test results must be no more than 5 years old at the time of application!

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