Edwards Agricultural Supplies is an approved supplier of Crystalyx Products.

Crystalyx supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of Cows, Beef, Sheep, Goats and Deer. Containing optimum essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements in highly available forms to enhance animal performance.

Dehydrated Molasses – Provides a very palatable and available form of energy which allows the rumen flora to utilise the nutritional value of forages at optimum levels. This increases the intake of dry matter and its digestibility when supplementing high forage diets.

Vegetable Oil – A high quality and palatable feed material which passes through the rumen to be digested and used directly by the animal. Vegetable oil provides the most concentrated form of energy of any feed material available, up to 3.5 times that found in cereals.

Protein – The Crystalyx range contains differing levels of protein dependent on the role of the product in the overall diet. The forms used are urea for the optimum utilisation of fibre in the ruination process plus soya bean and prairie meal.

Minerals – All Crystalyx blocks include highly available forms of magnesium, phosphorous and calcium, incorporated at optimum levels to enhance animal performance.

Trace Elements – Essential trace elements are included at new improved levels.

Vitamins – The essential vitamins A, D3 and E are included to balance forage variability in all products with the exception of Crystalyx Organyx Plus and Crystalyx Organyx Garlic.