Soil Treatments

Its EASy

Edwards Agricultural Supplies has an alternative to the large scale use of chemical fertilisers in its own EASy product range. With the dramatic increase in costs of chemical fertilisers over the last few months the EASy range of soil treatment products provides quality products and cost effective solutions to your Soil treatment needs. 

Edwards Advanced Seaweed is a unique blend of concentrated British seaweed and humic substances that work in synergy providing essential major and trace elements to the soil, promoting healthy root growth which in turn produces a healthy plant which is more able to cope with the environmental stress of extreme weather conditions. Suitable for use on both grassland and arable crops.

For our Organic customers we supply Edwards Seaweed, certified by Organic Farmers and Growers Edwards Seaweed is 100% natural, non-hazardous British sourced liquid Seaweed with plant hormones that aid the plants own defence systems. Suitable for use on both grassland and arable crops.

Edwards Agricultural Supplies now has available BioN, a blend of 8 species of naturally occurring soil borne bacteria totalling over 1 billion cfu's. Certified for Organic use and developed specifically for use on grains, they colonise the roots and promote the mobilisation of nutrients by providing a pathway through which the plant can access  the nutrients within the soil and in return the plant feeds the bacteria with its waste. This relationship between plant and bacteria was established thousands of years ago, however, the heavy use of chemicals since the 1950's has stripped the soil of its bacterial load making the grower more reliant on chemical additives. BioN help put back the lost bacteria and works with the plant both directly and indirectly.

Directly; the consortium of bacteria within BioN produce antimicrobial compounds which impede the germination of fungi spores and protect against pathogenic bacteria whilst producing enzymes that digest other microbes.

Indirectly; the bacteria activate the plants own defence system enabling the plant to protect itself from foliar pathogens.

The bacteria within BioN help capture the nitrogen within the air and convert the phosphate within the soil to an available form, when used with Edwards Advanced Seaweed  BioN can replace up to 50% of required nitrogen! Whilst Edwards Advanced Seaweed is a ready supply of nutrients, BioN helps transport the nutrients to the plant promoting healthy growth. Biois suitable for Organic use when used in conjunction with Edwards Seaweed.

 Phosis a blend of 7 bacterialis suitable for Organic use. species specifically for use with grassland. Working in exactly the same way as Bio, PhosN solubilises the ‘locked-in’ soil nutrients and ‘fixes’ atmospheric nitrogen on grassland. When used with Edwards Seaweed PhosN is suitable for Organic use.

Mycroboost is a soil/seed treatment used at seed setting. With its a unique blend of soil bacteria, mycorrhizae fungi and nutrients that actively promotes seed germination, root establishment and initial growth, it was developed to establish the relationship between plant, soil, bacteria and fungi at the very beginning of plant life. Mycroboost also has water retaining properties to hold moisture next to the germinating seed where it is needed most. 


100% plant based, Organicn+ is a mixture of amino acids and seaweed. It is GM and animal by-product free. Applied as a foliar to plants, it boosts nitrogen uptake promoting plant growth above and stimulating root development below the soil.